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Public Announcements

Welcome to the Utherverse Volunteer Application Portal!

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It's here that you can apply to offer your many skills and talents in any number of areas as an official Utherverse volunteer.

Dependent on where you feel you may be best suited, there are a number of teams that you can apply to join.

Guide team

The guides are the folks you see helping out in the Welcome Center, introducing new members to the wonders of Utherverse and answering all kinds of questions.


The Justices of the Peace are the people who are there to help join people together in digital matrimony.


The Ambassadors help to promote events and activities and host the many wonderful and exciting parties and events that happen all around the Utherverse.

Tech support Team

These are the folks helping you in world and in tech support chat to fix any and all technical issues that you encounter within Utherverse


Before you begin the Guide Application process, it is advised to submit a request for access to the welcome center, by contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This will allow you to spend time in the welcome center before and during the application process, to get a better feel and understanding of what our volunteers do. The guide application process works in two stages. If you're successful with your stage one application, you will be contacted to complete stage two of the application.

Please note that we will only hold onto stage one applications for two weeks (14 days) from the date you are emailed with a request to complete stage two. Any stage one applications older than 14 days will be denied and deleted from the system. If this occurs you are free to re-apply at anytime.

You will be updated via e-mail regarding any decision on your application.

Thanks for your interest in the Utherverse Volunteer Program!

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 January 2014 09:47